March + Madness & Mathematics

Rain or Shine. March + Madness & Mathematics! These three are highly favored:) I love March because it brings great weather, springtime, and sunshine. Everyone is kind of into March Madness one way or another, trust me. Then we have Mathematics, what geniuses those numbers are, and I am all about the numbers.

DSC02099 So why did I chose these cloudy day photos, who knows, guess I’m bringing the storm since I am just manic about March and the love affair that Math has with Science and Engineering…


Mathematics can be seen as the science of quantity. Which means it’s the total, the sum of it all! Yes, the significance of the numbers can be quite charming and seductive.

DSC02119Let’s talk about March, it’s so numerically significant. It’s the 3rd month and the science of meteorology tells us it’s Spring = March Equinox. This month has week long Spring Breaks for universities and schools across the country. Many cultures even consider March as their “New Year”! Let’s not leave out that Women’s History month is also celebrated in the UK, US, and Australia. In my opinion, Women History should be honored 365 days of the year, not 31.

DSC02075March is best known for Spring Training, the science of Baseball. I mean batting averages, use of statistical models to determine award winners, and even the laws of physics of sliding into home head first. There’s craziness of “March Madness”, the math of Basketball. Do you know the ball court’s geometry? What about the most important factors, shooting the ball and defense? You have to understand…know the math!

Whether you realize it or not, baseball and basketball applies scientific and mathematical concepts when playing the game.DSC02124Everyone wants to know who’s my pick and who will reign as the National Champions of the Big Dance, for me – I think Kansas, JayHawks!!



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