Into my Mind, Can you hear my thoughts?

IMG_1796Thinking on #Thursday. Color of a #woman. Why do I need to calm my nerves today? Sometimes you go through situations and ask yourself how should I handle this…and for a moment, you let go, not all the way, but enough that someone needs to email and call you to ask if you’re ok. I had to leave right away, my head throbbing and tears wanting fall…what can I do now, not much at all. Pray! What’s wrong with me today…

Well I’m heading over to get my free stuff from the grocery, body wash, six double rolls (tissue), pasta, and sauce..a few necessities that I came across (I will add the pic later). Well, I had four coupons for them all and this should have made my day, but it didn’t…

Then I’m back and next up, a different bunch, guess what…sounded like another punch! Now how do you handle that, like a champ!! Again another witness, but she only wanted to mention that maybe she was having a bad day and I understand but damn I didn’t deserve that…so my mind wonder for the rest of the day, can’t get it straight, even now…what’s going to happen, am I on my way out, are they feeling some type of way? About me, my work, what is it..I know so many things are going on in the world today that anyone’s life or career can be in jeopardy.

I’m ready to do something new, so many years, commitment, and my time that will never return. Can’t turn back, can’t stand still…#onthemove and I don’t know how to choose. Can this work? I hope this works but I need you!! I can’t be successful without faith that it can be done, this #blog is on its way to #one…


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