An Evening with Soledad…

IMG_2072.JPGAs I said, Soledad O’Brien is my favorite journalist of all times. I grew up watching her on CNN thinking how brave of you and from there she became a role model for me.IMG_2052I didn’t know what to expect from this lecture but I knew she would not disappoint me. She delivered!IMG_2028She was inspiring as expected, never getting enough of Soledad. This black woman rocks! Here’s what I learned today…you must make absolute use of your transformative #power…renewing your spirit, transforming your mind.IMG_2016I am a full repesentation of our community and know that facts must matter.

I am not afraid…I cannot be limited by others viewpoints on life. There’s no ambiguity here, you must be clear on who you are!IMG_1989More than that, you don’t dare worry about someone else’s take on you. It’s exhausting!! Stop fighting these battles, if you ever want to get to your goals…IMG_1965YOU are amazing all the time. That’s why they are always trying to figure out who you are.IMG_2004So what really matters to you?IMG_1946I am just going to keep working on my narrative everyday! So, listen to my stories, regulate your mind, and forge on…


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