If you are a college student majoring in a STEM Field…you should always be Timely and here’s why!

Because Timeliness Matter and what better way to represent you and your personal brand than being on time. Yes, impressions are everything in our everyday life. Being timely is one of those small details that pays off big time. Ever heard that the “early bird gets the worm”? It’s appropriate to be punctual and prosperous.

Now, if you are in school, then you already know that being on time is a major key. Whether that be on time for class or submitting that assignment by 11:59pm, your time is vital. You might even think you don’t have enough (I feel that way sometimes). In certain aspects of your life being timely (on time) is going to be non-negotiable, especially during internships and advancing into your professional careers. So unquestionably, if you show up late, you will be on the other side of door, likely standing alone.


If you are a student majoring in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM), then understand that this course of study requires serious examination, application, and undoubtedly reasoning. You don’t want to be caught off guard, hence adopt some good habits to adjust to those college surroundings.

Here are some few timely habits to form while on your collegiate journey…

  • Daytime is the best time to get things done
  • Carve out blocks of time to complete homework and study (You can use your google calendar to help out with this)
  • Use your time wisely, be active and aware when you are involved with social groups, teams, and other activities that take up bulks of your time (i.e. more than one or two hours).
  • Make sure you get enough sleep, you want to be rested.

During your college years as a “STEM” major, you want to stay sharp and be on point at all times. However, I don’t want you to forget to have FUN too.

Work Hard, Play Harder!


As you begin the preparation and transition into your professional career, you don’t want to be hustling between assignments and other responsibilities, always checking your e-mail and on the phone. If this becomes your life, then step back and adjust. You want to be productive when managing your time and being timely, and not mindlessly wasting your time with unnecessary busyness.

The most important thing to remember is developing good habits and having your own system. Do what works for you, don’t give up. Change, adjust, and try again.

If you struggle with being timely, or consider yourself a rock star in managing time, let the  other readers know in the comments below!



  1. MilesOfRoses

    Good article! It’s so important to have good time management skills for college and professional life. I am studying so that I can start my career in the technology industry. It really comes down to personal discipline, and putting the study time in!


    1. stylekemistry

      Thank you MilesOfRoses for the follow and comment, keep reading and giving your inputs to these topics. I couldn’t agree with more on those study habits and personal disciplines. It will all be worth it at the end of the journey:)


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