I’m an Engineer…so there…I Measure for Pleasure!

I am always thinking in measurements. Yes, an unusual level of activity. They say “the measure of who we are is what we do with what we have”. Well, that’s exactly what I am doing and why I am here…men are not the measure of all things.IMG_0555

Sometime we don’t know how to measure what we are doing or how to manage it, but we can accomplish those goals we have set for ourselves. Be SMART.

IMG_2141Being a #black #woman #engineer, I am a measure, a measurable statistic. Truth, more than 73% of scientists and engineers are white and our black men and women make up less than 3% of what remains. I don’t like those numbers…

My sagacity keeps me continuously calculating and calibrating, the mastermind stays #onthemove. My obsession with measure is never a displeasure, it’s my life:) So many can’t take the pressure altogether, however that’s precisely the matter.

IMG_2139I think about the amount of things, the capacity of some things. I work to understand the breadth, depth and degree of situations. It’s natural for me to look at maps and calculate the distance. I always wonder what the magnitude of one’s attitude is about. Some measures are immeasurable.

Measuring gives me strength and range.

Measure…everything is measured in our lives, quality, gender, especially success, and so on. This world is all the about statistics. I do often wonder why women are measured so negatively and critically? Has anyone measured their strength of character? Probably not.

So, yes I’m an artist, creator, designer, builder and much, much more, love ❤️ all things about STEM and as a result, I am all about the numbers…and the numbers tell me we need to keep measuring, and measure up, but to whose standards..why not your own!! Measure


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