What’s that thing about Style again…Let me jolt your memory

I have always been conscious of my personal style, a strong confident look. Yes, I knew the importance of style in my teenage years. This was known by all that knew me! Today I am frequently asked why am I not in the fashion and beauty industry. Well, truth is, I wanted to during my early career decision-making years, but instead I became an Engineer.

Never neglect yourself. Get your manis and pedis, wear foundation (if needed) and mascara to get just the right brows. There are many elements to having a great style. No need to fade into the background. I always tell the collegians to dress appropriately for conferences, job interviews, and internships, one of the key elements of StyleKemistry. You can’t wear clothes that don’t makes sense for you or borrowed from a friend  who’s style is completely different than yours. Remember, personality goes a long way, but STYLE Matters…it’s an extension of you.

You want to be prepared for all things happening around you. When you get up in the morning, you should have an idea of what your day is going to be. If it’s an important meeting or the interview of a lifetime, you better wake up knowing what you are going to wear!!

You don’t have to be after every trend and obsessed over whether or not you have the right red bottom stilettos. Your style doesn’t have to be expensive, quality over quantity is how I think…So get your fashion and beauty in order as you progress, obsess less and achieve more.

IMG_2282My style is typically empowered by something happening in my life. It is also my mother and grandmother who inspires me quite often. These women are the most charismatic and spectacular women I know. I never saw either without lipstick or nails done. Neither were too outrageous, but were able to express their style and show their strong black power! I simply loved it…

In the meantime, my style was developing. I always considered my style a sexy, chic. As I move into a professional role within engineering, I dressed more conservatively, but made sure I was me. This makes you feel fabulous, empowered, grown & sexy:) I’m talking everyday, and not live in those cozy clothes you love the most. When you are vacationing, don’t forget the essentials, but try to be neat, not cheap. Style should never be impractical and you should make time. Don’t feel selfish about it, it’s worth it!

Know that your body will change with life. So be sure to invest in a few good items such as a coat for the season, tailored pants, and of course, accessories (e.g. handbags, scarves, sunnies, etc.) Invest in your outfits and don’t shop till you drop, that doesn’t work. Be strategic where you spend your money. You are worth the investment.

I believe in every woman and that every woman have great style. Now we can shop at Target and JCP for beautiful style at a reasonable price. Don’t forget, if you are a little curvier, you still have many options too.

You can use StyleKemistry as your personal shopper or go at it on your own, whatever works for you. Just don’t take too long to figure out that investing in you (time, energy, and a little bit of money) can make you focused, effective, powerful.

Be that bolt of lightning for your brand and with your personal fashion. Jolt your soul, feel the adrenaline for your style.


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