Nonetheless, Impress with another Maxi Dress and show nothing but Success

Yes, I am a continuous work in process! Each day is a great day to dress myself in a way that flatters my body and makes me look beautiful, my absolute best…and so should you…IMG_2234Maxi dresses are part of my everyday life too. An evening out with friends was another great reason to take this stripped beauty out of the wardrobe. img_2165-e1493090090800.jpgYou know the maxi dress is quite feminine and the ‘rules’ on how to wear this outfit is wide open. There are so many style opportunities, so try it immediately…

IMG_2171As you see here, I am wearing a maxi dress with a belt to accentuate my waist — this should make everyone around you look twice. Since everyone doesn’t like belts, this look can be still be very chic and savvy. There are really no rules with the Maxi Dress!

img_2245.jpgRemember, accessories can make any look effortlessly stylish and put together. Sometimes, the most simple necklace or bracelet is the perfect touch to complete your outfit and personal brand message.



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