What does your reputation mean to you?

DSC_0811Most times once someone has an opinion of you, it will follow you for the rest of your life. It’s hard to shake it, changing your rep after you have become notorious for something, be it good or be it bad!

Being condescending is not a trait that you want to be known for. Women must be more uplifting. If you happen to lack confidence, there are many ways to overcome this besides descending to a lower altitude with that attitude.

For most, your reputation precedes or descend you, especially if you have an important role by society standards. This has always been and will always be. However, with our leaps forward in technology now, perceptions are easily formed with our social media platforms and the wiki-life. We no longer have the privacy or choices to share discreetly like we once had. No more secrets. Life was so much easier then, not so long ago…


Know that’s it’s about respectability, dependability, and reliability. Reputations are hard to build up, but like a house made of straw, it’s very easy to fall down.

Your reputation should be an obligation to self. This is the foundation of who you are or hope to be! It’s sad for me to see how so many women are not realizing their detrimental decline of themselves. Don’t let the deflation of    society bring on a sensation of “it’s something phenomenal” because that’s only a deflection of the truth. Your reputation matters!


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