SWENext Leadership Conference @CalPoly

img_3307.jpgThis weekend StyleKemistry travelled to San Luis Obispo, CA to be part of a (Society of Women Engineers) SWE-Next Leadership Conference led by the ladies of SWE CalPoly. SWE-Next and TechBridge are preparing these girls for the future.

IMG_3315The girls have taken on roles as officers of a SWE-Next Club in their schools or simply, interested in Engineering, and came to learn more on STEM and how to be great leaders.  Yes, this is important and what I am so passionate about. I am thrilled to see these collegians of CPSWE put on a fantastic event. This is a great way to get the young lady in your life interested in STEM. The goals of this conference were to let the girls know about opportunities available to them in STEM, their own personal brand, STEM statistics and stereotypes, of course being a leader, and growing their confidence. These goals are exceptional and we must continue this movement because #STEMGirlsRock!

It’s about the impact, the influence, the inspiration. I want to spread my passion and inspire all these girls to be StyleKemists! 


These young ladies are developing their own styles and strategies from the various influences introduced at the conference. They were engaged with such enthusiasm. We are sharing and teaching the major the keys to succeed in male-dominated fields so they can apply them with courage and confidence, it’s only the right thing to do! They will be ready to achieve the impossible.

They are not afraid of being the best they can be, they have chosen to set high standards for themselves.

Contact me if you are interested in having StyleKemistry at your next leadership conference!


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