My one day affair with Bonaire

Welcome to Bonaire … Bon BiniIMG_3910The Netherlands Antilles, Island of Bonaire

It was a natural charm about the island that I enjoyed. Bonaire…the B in the ABC Islands where Kralendijk is the capital city. This island destination was so cute and quaint.


Another city with a desert landscape, I was taken aback by all the towering cacti (used to build fences and keep the wildlife out).


Although known for its snorkeling and scuba I didn’t do either one. We chose another outdoor adventure, a three-hour ride on the quads across the island to see the caves, the lighthouse, and beautiful blue waters (better known as 4-wheelers where I’m from)…


This islands has over 400 caves and I was lucky enough to visit one of them..IMG_3971IMG_3970IMG_3992IMG_3991More than 70% of this island surface is coral limestone…IMG_4013IMG_4015IMG_4034

The language, Papiamento, a form of Creole (Portuguese based) indigenous to the Dutch Antilles. It’s the natural language of the ABC islands.


It seems to be a rich and diverse culture. Definitely the west African influences rang through…Kralendijk was lined with the Dutch colonial houses…The donkey are wild and simply apart of this island landscape…

Bonaire Spelonk Lighthouse…

IMG_4012This place was also a slave market supplying slaves to the economy of Curaçao.

It all makes sense to me now…descendants are from enslaved Africans and this island is still quite poor…including the Caribbean Indians, Spanish and Dutch settlers alike…

This was one beautiful island love affair…ending my day with breathtaking beach views and landscapes…


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