No Print, I’m just Solid

IMG_5814IMG_5810IMG_5806IMG_5798IMG_5778img_5766.jpgIMG_5763IMG_5760IMG_5758IMG_5752IMG_5751IMG_5748Mixing prints and using color to put outfits together to make that #lookoftheday is the thing to do! But let’s not forget that one color is quite stylish too…

I know this color is fiercely fabulous, but looks great when paired with the right shoe and handbag. The secret is to make sure the fabrics are gentle and right for you. Remember the accessories are the accessory to this kind of look.

Well, here I am out in the desert of Phoenix! I think this dress makes me feel quite feminine but powerful. My only accessory to pull it together is this chunky necklace (that I simply love by the way). It may show up in a few photos of mine:)

Still wondering about being bold with color? Well, you should know that this color will look amazing on your wonderful skin tone. Guaranteed!!!

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