Gold (Au) is Simply Bold

Well it’s bronze (I think), but gold is so bold and it’s just better! Being a woman engineer is bold and that’s what was on my mine when I picked up this little gold dress from H&M. It was on sale too:)


As women, we have so many experiences trying to thrive in this #STEM girl world and I feel like gold when met with so many challenges that I have been able to withstand.

Just like gold, I am one of the least reactive individuals you’ll ever get to know and will remain solid in these everyday conditions that keeps us on our journey.

IMG_6837As precious and noble as this metal..I am quite diverse!

img_68251.jpgGreat achievements are rewarded with gold, so why not take hold and be that work of art, a sculpture mold. 


What about that Golden Rule? The best of them all and that’s to ‘treat me like you want to be treated’!


Thinking about it…IMG_6824


IMG_6778It’s your form, your imaginative minds, and how you express yourself…

Are you Enlighten by the BOLD GOLD?


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