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StyleKemistry Goes to Austin and why you should visit too

So where should you go on your next trip? Why not Austin, Texas. This adventure was filled with some amazing socializing at #WE17, great networking opportunities, and plenty of weird things to do.

Star of Texas

Yes, Austin, which is nothing like Boston, but just as cool (can’t wait to see what’s in store). I arrived on a Wednesday evening not knowing what to expect. So right before I left town I went ahead and had a rental car reserved, just in case I needed it. Landed in Austin around 7:30pm and started to feel excited. I always get this way when arriving in a new city. I had only heard about a couple of things like go to 6th Street, eat at Franklin’s, and of course, the infamous SXSW.

Arriving in Austin
Austin Meets StyleKemistry


Wow, just walking to get my rental car, I was intrigued by the Uplifted Ground Project. My engineering mind tells me this artwork is something special. The geometrics shapes at various levels of transitions hanging from steel cables showed me that this city is probably going to be a little bit weird (wink, wink). Now, I am on my way….

Brazos Street

I arrived at the JW Marriott in downtown, located at 2nd & Brazos Street. I love staying at Marriott Hotels!


The next day was ready to see what I could get into and let me tell you…


The BackSpace
BackSpace (Brick Oven Pizza)

The BackSpace was a great little pizza place right off 6th Street. It was small, cozy, and quite delightful. Since there are not many tables (which I like that) we sat at the bar and had a wonderful evening. Hmmmm, Brick Oven Pizza Pie and a ice cold Mexican Cola…who can beat that on a Thursday night!

Next, we went right on over to… yep, you guessed it, Voodoo Doughnuts, where “the magic is in the hole!” I didn’t know what was in store and wasn’t sure about waiting in the line that was already at the door (yikes, it was like an hour before I got to eat my first Voodoo Donut), but in the end, it was worth the wait! It’s on 6th Street and sooooo good!

Voodoo Doughnuts & Me

Love the Random Artwork throughout the city. I didn’t get to see the Graffiti Wall (Hope Outdoor Gallery) but next time…#KeepAustinWeird

img_7058.jpgimg_7057.jpgAll of you know I love FOOD and becoming a certified #Foodie. So trying new restaurants is a must in every city I make a stop. There were so many places, but here’s the list of just some of the awesome places I tried and you must too the next time you visit Austin, Texas.

Mexican Cantina
Lunch with a few of my SWE Bee’s at the Mexican Cantina, Micheladas!
The Fajitas
Cannon + Belle at the Hilton
The Breakfast Buffet was FANtastic!
Moonshine Bar & Grill
Had to Start with Dessert First..Just Look AT IT!!
Ribs with Mac & Cheese..YUMMY
The BIGGEST Chicken Fried Steak EVER!

Next morning, 7am and up for another bite, Breakfast with more beautiful ladies who’s also enjoying Austin…

Classy Cafe
1886 Cafe & Bakery was Classy & Phenomenal and I am mad I didn’t get a picture of that gigantic Cinnamon Roll…OMG words can’t describe it.
Old Car
Me & Sara
The Driskill Hotel
The Driskill Hotel where 1886 Cafe & Bakery is located…

and then…



with more coming…I am ready for the next trip!IMG_7261IMG_7259

Yes, this city is beautiful and come back for more…IMG_7245IMG_7140We are strong with all the potential, because we are the best!IMG_7121

Keeping Austin Weird…IMG_7117

Next up… #WE17 Fun and Top 6 reasons to visit the Texas State Capitol, the Bullock Museum and see the Beauty Within…


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