Must see photos of the Bullock Museum of Austin, Texas!


It’s me and I live for the stars…IMG_7217

Bob BullockIMG_7207IMG_7208Come and Take It!!

TexasArtworkHarris County, Texas

Being the brainy girl that I am…someone who loves to understand the history and how these locales were built…visiting new cities is quite a joy and simply excites me! Well, I’m not always about the museums, but while in Austin lets explore, learn, and discover.

Texas History

The Texas Lady Liberty (she was HUGE)Texas Lady Liberty

…and this just lined up perfectly (to me this looks like Lois Lane is throwing a dagger at someone, maybe superman)IMG_7187Texas USA

The Great state of Texas are THE Pioneers in Technology


…”who we help or where we help them will not matter as much…”rugged LaptopIMG_7175Pioneer MedicineThe Floppy Disks:)Apple FloppyYep, I know all about this…IMG_7163Looks like something I built in Engineering School…Kind of Cool too!IMG_7158Pong to PokemonsegaLegacy Handheld GamesGamesClassic AtariAtari

This artwork is mad crazy…Can you name the game?Mad Crazy PhotoIMG_7171That Pilot in me…IMG_7184Some real history that all of us should know…Civil Rights MovementIMG_7180img_7179.jpgIMG_7178

That Boatthe boat

IMG_7193I’m with the Justice League (feeling like the Goddess Panacea, ready to change into my superhero fit)Me and the Justice LeagueDo you agree that the Bullock is a must see? Let me know if you are planning to check out Austin…maybe I will join you!

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